Useful Resources

Code Snippets

This section is dedicated to giving the user an easy to use copy-paste template library of common Divblox functions.

Javascript to perform an ajax request to the current component's php controller file

dxRequestInternal(getComponentControllerPath(this), {
// parameters fed to the backend
f: "backend_function_name",
additional_parameters: "parameter1"
function (data_obj) {
// Success function
function (data_obj) {
// Failure function

PHP function template for receiving an ajax call and presenting an output to the calling function

public function FunctionName() {
// Function operations
$SomeReturnValue = [];
$this->setReturnValue("ReturnData", $SomeReturnValue);

Javascript example of how to add an event handler to an html element residing inside a component

getComponentElementById(this, "ElementId").on("click", function () {
//Function to be implemented

Divblox Public Shared

Divblox shares a public Google Drive folder with various resources to ease your development workflow. This shared folder can be found here